Tuesday 9 November 2010

Drydock Prep

I thought I would put up a quick post as its been awhile.

Emilyanne is due to go into drydock on sunday (14th) and his to have her engine and boiler removed over winter also. The drydocking will include full reblacking, new sign writing, battery compartment, resealing of leaking deck and cabin fittings, a new water pump, and a full replacement of the steering cables.

Saturday 12 June 2010


I feel its time for a new post.

Emilyanne is now on the leeds and liverpool on the main level into liverpool. Due to the issues with water supply to the leeds and liverpool, particularly down stream of the wigan junction where canal spits off to the bridgewater we were keen to get onto the liverpool leval as soon as possible to avoid being late for our passage into the docks.

The boat is due to pass through the liverpool canal link on the 16th, and will be moved upto bridge 9 (limit of free navigation) ready to be escorted down the day before hand. Then we just have a five day wait untill the 21st when we cross over the mersey and enter the shipcanal too elsemere port.

The trip from prestonbrook was suitable uneventful, passing through lymm, sale and worsley and passing boats parbella and spey we got to liegh for the evening of the 5th and rose early to get to leigh swing bridge for 8am when it was due to open, passing on through poolstock and getting out of the deep lock onto the liverpool level at about half one after the bw staff kindly waited for use to lock down. (locks where due to close at 1300h due to the water shortage issues).

IM not in loughborough enjoying my last week or so at a student here, working on the kitcar, repairing and painting the motorclubs container, and various BBQs and nights out with coursemates and friends.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

To the Mersey!

Breaking news, a space has opened up on the IWA trip through the new Liverpool link onto the Mersey and over to Elsemere Port.

Sunday 4 April 2010

Ellesmere Port

Cracking weekend away at Ellesmere.

Unfortunately by car as having raised steam to make the trip from anderton a fortnight ago a number of previously unseen areas had sustained frost damage and the trip had to be canceled.

However non the less for it, with a very interesting and positive time being had.

YWBS, the young working boat society fielded a around 8 members including myself and had a number of great networking sessions, talking with Hazel Mayow of the 'waterways action squad' group, as well as the group of young people who have formed around the running of tarboat spay, the museum staff and BMS, who allowed us to take out there fishclass boat Shad, as well as doing a run in Liams own boat Ariel. Thankyou to all involved.

Sunday 14 March 2010

First Steaming

Its been a bit quiet here, sorry, but today EmilyAanne raised steam again, for the first time this year.

There as been a little bit of frost damage this year, perhaps a combination of a rushed drain down and particularly cold winter.

The manual boiler feedpump was known about and is a repair job hopefully, however also the non-return valve for the engine driven boiler feed pump has seemingly failed and although a spare is held on board as the union is boiler side of the isolation valve it was not possible to change with the boiler in steam and as it wasnt found until the boiler was in steam and the engine run it wasnt possable to effect a swap. There is also a leak on the communication pipe on the side of the raw water circulating pump which will need to be repaired.

All in all a slightly frustrating day for some i feel but there little i could have done if i where there and less i can do from sunny Loughborough.

Tom hopes to fix the issues tomorrow and steam again on Tuesday hopefully.

The wheelhouse roof is also still in our workshop waiting for me to finish repairing it (ive done about one of the required three days work on it in the last three months :S) so we're on the 'winter roof' with a tarp over it!


Saturday 26 December 2009

And we're home!

Finally having returned to the boat this afternoon she has made it to anderton from the winter!

Also of note, last weekend was the YWBS christmas meet at stone staffordshire, with tug boat and narrowgauge railway.

Friday 9 October 2009


Update, the boats not moved much recently, but it may attend the Norbury Jn meeting with myself (or i'll go without the boat). I also attended the black country meeting a fortnight ago with a number of others and spent time towing joeys with sickle and premoting the young working boat society (YWBS.co.uk)  and generally having around.

Im now back uni for my final year, and full of head cold and freshers flu.


Monday 7 September 2009

IWA National and Shackerstone.

Although the boat did not attend, spent a day at the national and was at Shackerstone for the weekend camping.

The National was blessed with dry weather and a good location, i bought a few bits and a coat and had a look at the pinder boat and the other craft on the water. The site seemed a little empty but prehaps this was just the larger ground?

Shackerstone was great after last years was rained off, i spend the weekend with the Parrots, Fullers and Phillips during the day who where the with Sickle, Ilford and Aquarious. There was a fantastic amount to do on the site on saturday with the stalls having little to offer and the large inflatable slide being for children only (apprently at 6ft2 and 22years of age i didnt qualify) although there was a good range of boats and promiss of the Red Arrows on Sunday drew in plenty of crowds, plenty of extra classic cars as well as a fair organ and of cause a cracking display by the team of red white and blue. My second, having seen them for the first time earlier in the year at Salcombe.

Photos to follow no doubt.... :S

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Boiler Test

Boilertest Passed!

On Tuesday we had our annual boiler test.  A well maintained and operated boiler is a safe as any other peice of equipment on a narrowboat, but like all of these things if neglected can turn into a lethal weapon. So like MOTs for cars (which mine just passed today after a new exhast section)

 our boiler has to have an annual inspect where its condition and state are checked and tested along with the  feed water system and valves.

The first part of the boiler test is always to spend a day taking apart and cleaning the boiler ready for inspection. It was felt the boiler was a little oily inside so in addition to cleaning the tubes and firebox the inside was cleaned by filling the boiler with washing soda and boiling what oil the was off the heating surfaces with the boiler vented to atmopher through the whistle pipe (whistle removed).

 A photo looking into the boiler at the boiler crown.

[What you can see in the lower half of the image is the water side of the firebox and in the upper half the bottom of firetubes where the meet the bottom tube plate which runs along athe middle of the photograph.]

The oily discharge from the whistle pipe exit.

Cleaning the tubes.
With the smoke dome and flue removed a mechanical wire brush is run down each of the tubes, starting with the 25 stay tubes as seen here.

Fueled by digestives, powered by honda!
The mighty boiler inspector at work!

Saturday 18 July 2009

Trent Rally, the River Sour Trip and the Leicester Section!

Emilyanne took part in the SBA TrentLock rally and TVSC last weekend which was a great success. 

She was then moved south through Loughborough and Leicester on the River Sour with myself an a number of freinds from university who where graduating this year to the foot of Foxton Locks. (i will graduate next year, having compleated a masters courses)

Three days later she was the picked up by another group of freinds and I, this time other students who i did my placment with last year at JCB, who moved her through foxton, watford and braunston before mooring near Warwick where she will undergo her annual boiler inspection

Photos to follow.

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Working Week on the Boat

For the last fortnight EmilyAnne has been moored at Willington in the new Mercia Marina and over the last week we have been working on the boat and engine.

The first thing we decided to do was try and locate some of the knocks within the engine as while there is nothing wrong with it as such after 20 years service its not quite as smooth as it was when new. There is some slop in some of the valve linkages when the eccentrics couple to the reverse slider and also some play in the big end of the high pressure cylinder. It was therefore decided to take the HP big end apart and measure it for wear with the plan to removed some of the thickness of shims holding it apart. In the end it was decided to remove the 6thou shims and replace them with 3thou shim to reduced the clearance.

We have also be struggling to develop any vacuum on the exhaust of the engine recently which was put down to leaks within the system between the engine, condenser, and airpump. Investigation revealed that as expected most of the joints in the system leak to some degree or other, so work set about disassembling each part, cutting gaskets, and reassembling with new gaskets or silicon gasket sealant (or both!). 

Monday then saw the boat leaving Willington for the steamboat association trentlock rally at the trent valley sailing club which also served as a short test run to prove our weeks work.

Im happy to report that although there is still some knocking within the engine, the harsher knock of the big end is now gone, and although we can still only pull around 10 inches of vacuum (not the 2o we need) we do seam to have cured the leaks (vacuum doesn’t leak away when we stop) so all eyes are on the air pump with an aim to now service and improve that!

Monday 29 June 2009

Long lining with the Fullers

Having moved out of my University digs for summer on Sunday I drove stright over to the Fullers house in Stone  after being at home for about 12 hours (10 of which i was asleep) in order to go boating.

Roger had Ilford (A 1912 ex FMC Braithwaites Butty owned by Roger for the last 5 years) at Great Hayward with Southen Cross and Aquarious loaded the three boats with logs from a logging contract with the National Trust to removed around 100tonnes of logs from the Shugborourgh Estate by water.

After turning Southen X at the jucntion and having BBQ on the boats on the Monday night we left Hayward on Tuesday morning motored through to Alvecote with the three boats and Sweden heading towards Braunston for the Historic Working Boat Rally. The first day went well and saw us moor for the night in the basin at the Samual Barlow pub at Alvevote for Tea with Clover& Fazley (amungst others) alongside.

We left early Wednesday from Alvecote and had a clear run through the locks and another good day making Hawkesbury Jn the following evening where we Moored against the warlf alongside the pub and again took full advantage of the pub for food and beer. Two good days boating had seen us ahead of schdual and we spent the thursday morning moored against the Greyhound to watch the sport, with many boats passing through the junction, including Clover & Fazley as well as Hare and Cactus, who i pleased to say all made the turn as well as we did.

We then left Hawkesbury after lunch and boated down to the moorings at Brinklow where we ate onboard cooking a meal of Potatoes, Carrots and FrayBentos pies cooked on the range using reclaimed coal from the hedgerow and where joined by Hadley. Leaving Brinklow Matt walked up the arm to collect Sickle as we passed by and the boats made Braunston at around 2.30 to take up our mooring by the marina entrance.

Southen X and Ilford made the three locks at Hilmorton in 21 minutes start to finish.

Thursday 11 June 2009

Trent adventures

Got a phone call last night at about 7.

"Emilyanne is currently stuck on the mud 5 miles from Crowell on a falling tide can you think of anything clever to do"

Urrrm, not really! Fortunatly another canalworld forum member had do the same, in a simular of of the trent, just a few days earlier. So i got the low down of how it went for him and how quickly the tide came up and the like. He was luck enough to stuck at around midday so refloated around 5 in the evening on a sunday day. Where emilyanne has gone around on a rainy evening as was due to refloat at around one in the morning.

Anyway, they got off fine (at one, in the dark) and made a mile or so's progress towards Cromwell before sticking again. So are not waiting till two this afternoon to hopfully refloat for a second time and make it into Cromwell lock and on to Newark at last!

Emilyanne surround by Cows and very much on the bottom!

Sunday 7 June 2009

Wet weekend on the Chesterfield.

Locks at the top of the Chesterfeild

Well, ok its wasnt that, better than forcast but compaired to the week before it could have been february again!

After a week fo exams I (daniel) joined the boat just east of Worksop for two days off before my lasy exam. Progress on Saturday was slow, at times the weed was that bad it was faster to walk the boat through it than try and use the prop. Sunday went well untill around midday, when the heavens opened, and clear lock free sections started to show up our current coal and how little steam it seams to make us!

Still, the boat is now at Clayworth, and will progess further tomorrow while i revise for my last exam which is in friday.

Emilyanne on the Chesterfeild.Down the weed hatch...  (note weed on the right, this isnt round the prop as such, its growing there!!)

Sometimes this was the fastest way!The (unfortunatly broken) weed machine.

Nicely kept lock and lock landing.

Monday 1 June 2009

IWA Campaign Rally

Rally was a great success, the boat arrived mid afternoon on the Saturday and a fuss was made all weekend with a great number of people coming to have a look at the boat, which was kept insteam throughout the weekend.

I joined the boat breifly for Sunday including and evening in the Beer tent before returning to Loughborough for another week of work.

Then today i had my first of four end of year exams, which i can report went well.

The boat is now in the Worksop area, and will be leaving the Chesterfield on the Friday or Saturday of this week going South up the Trent.

Boats at the Rally.

Rally Grounds in the Sunshine.