Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Another post.

The injector arrived!
I went into uttoxeter again in my half hour lunchbreak to collect my bike and run it back home having droped it off for a service the day before. But what should await me on the door step but a ticket from royalmail. Much confused i hurried round to the post office before they shut to find one jiffybag with one injector.

The whole injector story has been a right farse. It was ment to be a quick "throw money at it and get it working" operation so we could refit it and test it before the end of last years crusing as we had planned to tidy up some of the pipework around the boiler and how the injector worked would have dictated how that went. However it was not to be, and its taken around six phone calls two letters and nearly £200 to get it back over four months later. Appalling, but there we go. Lucky we have two and can work without them if needed.

On a sunnier prospect, the weather here has been lovely the last few days. This morning i was out in various machines roading them to testsite for noise testing with the new engine. And on friday i finish for easter and am going for a weeks holiday in monmouth with 20 of my extended family, with bikes, model cars, music and alcohol. I will report back on that!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Second post.

Well ok, so not a massive amount has happened boatwards, but there's plenty to talk about still.

The weekend before last i went upto york with Rebekah (roger fullers daughter) in the hope that we would see a certain busker. His name is Ed Alleynes-Johnson and he used to busk a lot in Chester which is where i first saw him, and plays a five string electric violin which he made himself, producing a wonderfully unique sound and some fantastic covers. He's appeared on later with jools holand, toured with the new model army, has a rampant following on youtube, and purple shades. What more can you ask for!! Anyway, it was all a success! After a 100mile drive up the motorway, and a half hour wait for the park& ride we practically walked right into him on the first corner. Brilliant. And it was sunny to boot!

But yeah in terms of work on the boat, not much has happened as i said. While we where at york i received a phone call from our landlord-to-be for next year, when we move back to university after our placement year, unfortunately pulling out of signing the contract. So a fair bit of time and the last weekend has been spend finding another, which hopefully we have just about sorted now.

However i have also been on the phone to chase one of the injectors we sent off for repair this week, so that should be with us in a day or two. And we now have a full sketch of what size we want the replacement drawers in the back cabin to be, so maybe they will get made sometime if i can get my dad started on that!