Thursday, 21 May 2009


Emilyanne is now on the Chesterfield canal approching Retford. 

Trent crossing went withou mishap with Tom at the wheel with a recently recruited crew who seams to show good promiss.

Tom is now boating on the chesterfield alone this morning and is to be joined shortly by katherine who will crew with him upto the rally site at Kiveton where I will join them for the sunday of the rally. During while time i will hopfully collect the last few weeks photos.

Look forward to the rally, which will be our first campaign rally, if your around, pop in and say hi or else maybe we will see you in the beer tent.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Bingley Five

Quick update: Progress towards the rally is going well.

There was tension in the air friday night when it was realised that the boat didnt have enough coal onboard for the weekends boating and nothing had been done anything about it.
- However after hald a days steaming the boat is now at bingley five having got there an hour after it closed (2hours where spent coaling in the morning) and so by the end of tuesday when the boat should be at or close to Keadby ready to go onto the tidal trent, from where its a few hours cruise to the base of the chesterfeild.

Im still not sure exactly how long i can take off over the week but im expecting to make it to the rally for at lease one of the days.

*Photo from online gallery

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Two steam boats meet

The leeds and liverpool is home to the newest steamboat on the canal system, owned by geoff laycock (emilyanne is the second newest) and as she was in the area a meetup seamed in order!

 - Sadly i have still not been able to get to the boat myself, but geoff was kind enough to supply a photo of the event. There is also a short video on youtube.

On another positive note, after four days hard graft and the first proper all nighter i've ever done, today marked the handin date for my 3rd year major project report. A 13th of may i wont forget for a while!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Good progress.

Im still stuck in Loughborough with far to much work and deadlines to be able to consider evern a weekends boating. HOWEVER!

The boat has now passed Burnley and is making good progress toward the river trent on her way to the chesterfeild campaign rally at the end of this month.

Photo to follow once i have had them sent over from her recent crew!