Saturday, 12 June 2010


I feel its time for a new post.

Emilyanne is now on the leeds and liverpool on the main level into liverpool. Due to the issues with water supply to the leeds and liverpool, particularly down stream of the wigan junction where canal spits off to the bridgewater we were keen to get onto the liverpool leval as soon as possible to avoid being late for our passage into the docks.

The boat is due to pass through the liverpool canal link on the 16th, and will be moved upto bridge 9 (limit of free navigation) ready to be escorted down the day before hand. Then we just have a five day wait untill the 21st when we cross over the mersey and enter the shipcanal too elsemere port.

The trip from prestonbrook was suitable uneventful, passing through lymm, sale and worsley and passing boats parbella and spey we got to liegh for the evening of the 5th and rose early to get to leigh swing bridge for 8am when it was due to open, passing on through poolstock and getting out of the deep lock onto the liverpool level at about half one after the bw staff kindly waited for use to lock down. (locks where due to close at 1300h due to the water shortage issues).

IM not in loughborough enjoying my last week or so at a student here, working on the kitcar, repairing and painting the motorclubs container, and various BBQs and nights out with coursemates and friends.