Friday, 26 December 2008

An Update

Not much has happened to be honest, infact ive not personaly been on the boat since the last post although i probeberbly will before the end of the Christmas hol's.

However shes still afloat and well! Prehaps over spring some work will be done on her to finish the refit on the back cabin, give her a good clean up and maybe improve the engines exhaust vacuum leak (joys of finding vac leaks).

No firm plans have been formed for next year, but a trip up the Chesterfeild has been mooted, possibly co-insiding with the IWA campaign rally, possaibly going via the SBA trentlock rally on the way back down, and maybe even the IWA National at redhill after that. And theres always the work at liverpool to visit. Who knows!!

Cheeky photo of me and the Kitcar because boating it so quite!