Saturday, 7 March 2009

Planning 09

This weekend marks the start of the boating year. We the crew all got together and planned emilyannes movements for the year and began geting her ready for the year ahead.

Tom and Katherine spend friday on the boat cleaning the galley and bathroom and assessing what needs doing on the boat before the off after eater. Joining Me (daniel) at home in the evening to get busy with a sasco wall planner, nicholson canalmap, and nick attys route planner on the laptop!

The two jobs that came out top where to revarnish the upper portion of the engineroom walls to match the recently repainted lower half, and to finally finish the refit of the backcabin start this time last year. Hence Saturday saw Katherine cleaning and rubbing down the engineroom walls and Stephen an Daniel fitting new linning out to the backcabin bulkhead and removing the old sink ready for the replacment.

Katherine cleaned the engineroom wall (can you see where she had go upto?)

Cutting up the wood for the back cabin wall.

Wall, Before (left) and After (right). Its cleaner if nothing else!

The aformentioned 'old sink' ready for removal!

Other activitys at the Marina during the day.