Saturday, 6 September 2008

Long time no see.

Been a while since the last post as ive been very busy.

National was a great success, including the lit boats parade.

Got to shackerstone well, but sadly it was rained off.

On to standedge and the hudderfeild canal then!


grey wolf said...

Hi just a possibly silly question. could you run a steam boat on wood or doese it not burn hot enough?

dhutch said...

It is possible to fire a steamboat with wood, and there are one or two launches within the SBA that are wood burning. However as you have identified the calorific value of wood is very much lower. So in order for it to be successful you would need a much larger/taller firebox than you would need for coal or than we have on EmilyAnne. And also as it tends to be far smokier, larger diameter firetubes, as well as room too store a seriously large amount of wood.

Thanks, Daniel.