Sunday, 14 March 2010

First Steaming

Its been a bit quiet here, sorry, but today EmilyAanne raised steam again, for the first time this year.

There as been a little bit of frost damage this year, perhaps a combination of a rushed drain down and particularly cold winter.

The manual boiler feedpump was known about and is a repair job hopefully, however also the non-return valve for the engine driven boiler feed pump has seemingly failed and although a spare is held on board as the union is boiler side of the isolation valve it was not possible to change with the boiler in steam and as it wasnt found until the boiler was in steam and the engine run it wasnt possable to effect a swap. There is also a leak on the communication pipe on the side of the raw water circulating pump which will need to be repaired.

All in all a slightly frustrating day for some i feel but there little i could have done if i where there and less i can do from sunny Loughborough.

Tom hopes to fix the issues tomorrow and steam again on Tuesday hopefully.

The wheelhouse roof is also still in our workshop waiting for me to finish repairing it (ive done about one of the required three days work on it in the last three months :S) so we're on the 'winter roof' with a tarp over it!


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