Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Back cabin is no more!

I was going to have a lazy day on Saturday, Ive not been getting much sleep and didn't feel great as well have having a few things i needed to sort out.

However i got a call from home asking what i was doing over the weekend, and in the end i went down to the boat anyway and we did a days work on the back cabin. I mentioned in my previous post that we had been making some new drawers for it, and now they are complete the rest of the work in refitting the bed/drawer area needs some attention. The plan is to increase the access to the storage in the backcabin so it can be got at by guests who may be staying onboard and so it doesn't fill with our clutter so much. There are a few drawers there already with tools and the like in, but the rest of the space wasn't really very accessible espcailly with the new cushions in place obstructing the ability to lift the lid of the bed up. But yeah, thats the plan anyway, more access and more storage!
Here is the back cabin before work started.
This is after we had removed all the drawer frames. Not sure the new ones will go in as fast.
This is use doing a test run of the spacing using the new drawers we made and packing parts.

It occurs to me as well that photos would be a bonus on the blog. I like photos, and everyone else has them. So i will have to get on with that! [photos added 22nd may]

I have some nice photos from Sunday as well when i went to the kitcar show at Stoneleigh near Coventry. Apparently its one of the best kitcar shows in Europe, and it certainly didn't disappoint.
- I have a plan to buy a lotus seven replica sometime soon, which would be a bit of fun. If said i would do it for a while, but now i have some money from my sandwich year that dream might actually become a reality. So Ive been looking at various cars and talking to as many people as i can for 6months or so now as well as reading and posting on a number of kitcar forums. Who knows eh!

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