Tuesday, 20 May 2008

An update on progress.

Since i last posted the work on the back cabin has nearly finished, and boiler inspector has been.

My dads being doing some work on the back cabin in evenings which means progress has been fairly good, although as always it ridiculously easy to get side tracked onto doing something more interesting or 'important' such as resealing the roof light which seams to have started leaking this winter, or just having a cup of tea and talking to the bloke on the next door boat!

This is the new framing to hold the drawers.
We also had to remove a section of insulation for the draw to fit as the swim makes the boat narrower here.
These are the drawers now in. Then just the ash fronts adding and the trip around the seorting.

I left home this Friday straight away and headed for the boat, which was in the process of having its boiler tested. It had passed the cold/dry inspection as expected and was in the process of raising steam pressure and everyone was just having a late lunch and preparing for the second stage of the test.
Unfortunately that didn't go so well. One of the gauges failed to work, and without it there was no point in continuing the test. Which is a shame, because this will be the first time that the boat hasn't passed its boiler inspection first time. Presumably the gauge became damaged during winter and will be replaced or reconditioned this week.

On another side i break up for a weeks spring break this Friday and a load of us undergraduates are going off for a four day trip to Scotland with the bikes. A night in Edinburgh town and two nights in a youth hostal by Glentress.

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