Tuesday, 10 June 2008

First steaming of the year.

This weekend just gone Emilyanne moved again and we had a delightfull weekend on the Weaver.

Bar a few very minor teething problems with some of the parts we had removed and refitted over winter, and a stuck inlet valve on a pump, she ran faultlessly all weekend, made steam well, and swam beautifully on the more open water. Although i feel a new set of firebars will be in order shortly as the grate is looking a little on the sad side.

Tom, my grandad and the baots owner, join us and enjoyed the trip too and we even had a supprise meeting with my uncal Thomas whos not seen the boat for a while on the sunday afternoon which was very nice, not least becuase of his comlimentry comments on the current state of the boat.

Heres a select few photos from the trip:

Leaving the marina at Uplands. Clearly a longer bow line is needed if it is to be used for turning around.
A classic 'Anderton Boat Lift' shot but i couldnt resist. I have others of the lift however.
One of the locks on the way down. Sarah mugging up on her driving theory and Michael holding the boat.
We also met Phoenix58 the infamous boat that is. I quite like her, she grows on me every time we meet.
Marsh lock. This is the lock out onto Manchester ShipCanal at the end of the Weaver and bar 500yrds to a very low swing bridge leading to Weston Point Docks is the limit of Navigation without a booking on the the MSC. Maybe next year.
All good things have to come to and end. This is where we left her at the end of the weekend, moored on ActonBridge moorings untill we return shortly.
Final image is of the viaduct just below Dutton lock (looking upstream) its two photos no so expertly spliced together. But a nice shot non the less i think.
So yeah, thats all really! Roll on more boating and weather like that one i say. Hopfully the boat will now move every other weekend, if not most, untill we attend the IWA national and Shackerstone Festival.

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