Thursday, 19 June 2008

A weekend of steam boating at Trent Lock.

This weekend was spend with Geoff Newton and his boat at the SBA annual Trent Lock Rally held at the Trent Valley Sailing Club and organised by John Tilly.
Geoff unfortunately hurt his back in may of last year, and after an operation at Easter was ready to launch his boat for the first time in over 12months. He only lives a short way up the road, between me and the rally, so it made perfect sense as a first outing and for me to add a helping hand!

The event runs from Friday evening but we launched on Saturday afternoon and just moved down to the sailing club for the main evening meal and to steam up the Erewash with the others on the Sunday.

Suilven on the Trailer with the canopy up and ready to be launched, seen here dwarfing Geoff's rangerover!

Six launches in the mouth of the Erewash Canal.
Sandiacre lock house, home of the Erewash Canal Preservation & Development Association (ECP&DA) .
Other waterways users, a very nice national 12 sailing on the Trent.
Alpacas arrive. Geoff's new lawn mower now needs feeding food not Petrol. Probably cheaper these days!

I'm spending this Friday evening in Loughborough with friends form University who I've not seen much of while Ive been on placment, many of them who where freshers with me are now graduating have done there three years (I'm doing 5 in total) and its the last Friday of term. So it should be a good night!
Then in the morning me and Joe Fuller are going to the Newark Kit Car Show on Saturday which should also be a good day out, hopefully it wont rain too much either, fingers crossed for a dryish weekend and a good turn out at the show.

EmilyAnne is moving on Sunday, probably without me for the first time for many years, this first time my Mum will have moved the boat without either me or Tom there. Not far, but a short run up to Winsford is planned, which should be a nice way to ease into the roll. Including passing the IWA Chester meet at Anderton mid day.

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