Thursday, 11 June 2009

Trent adventures

Got a phone call last night at about 7.

"Emilyanne is currently stuck on the mud 5 miles from Crowell on a falling tide can you think of anything clever to do"

Urrrm, not really! Fortunatly another canalworld forum member had do the same, in a simular of of the trent, just a few days earlier. So i got the low down of how it went for him and how quickly the tide came up and the like. He was luck enough to stuck at around midday so refloated around 5 in the evening on a sunday day. Where emilyanne has gone around on a rainy evening as was due to refloat at around one in the morning.

Anyway, they got off fine (at one, in the dark) and made a mile or so's progress towards Cromwell before sticking again. So are not waiting till two this afternoon to hopfully refloat for a second time and make it into Cromwell lock and on to Newark at last!

Emilyanne surround by Cows and very much on the bottom!


NB Willawaw said...

How does that happen, Daniel ?
I seem to remember that we used to do tidal dashes on the Trent around slack high water.

derek said...

Had a wonderful chat to the owners of Emily Anne last night when I taxi'd them from Newark to West Stockwit (I guess there are not many yaxi drivers who are also boaters!). Regarding the low water below Cromwell - this is something that must always be taken into account as there are many shllows. The best thing to do is use The Trent Boating Association charts (usually available from chandlers and boatyards along the Trent). These are written for boaters and not navigating officers... They clearly show the shallows and best routes to follow.

Derek Evans