Sunday, 7 June 2009

Wet weekend on the Chesterfield.

Locks at the top of the Chesterfeild

Well, ok its wasnt that, better than forcast but compaired to the week before it could have been february again!

After a week fo exams I (daniel) joined the boat just east of Worksop for two days off before my lasy exam. Progress on Saturday was slow, at times the weed was that bad it was faster to walk the boat through it than try and use the prop. Sunday went well untill around midday, when the heavens opened, and clear lock free sections started to show up our current coal and how little steam it seams to make us!

Still, the boat is now at Clayworth, and will progess further tomorrow while i revise for my last exam which is in friday.

Emilyanne on the Chesterfeild.Down the weed hatch...  (note weed on the right, this isnt round the prop as such, its growing there!!)

Sometimes this was the fastest way!The (unfortunatly broken) weed machine.

Nicely kept lock and lock landing.

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