Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Boiler Test

Boilertest Passed!

On Tuesday we had our annual boiler test.  A well maintained and operated boiler is a safe as any other peice of equipment on a narrowboat, but like all of these things if neglected can turn into a lethal weapon. So like MOTs for cars (which mine just passed today after a new exhast section)

 our boiler has to have an annual inspect where its condition and state are checked and tested along with the  feed water system and valves.

The first part of the boiler test is always to spend a day taking apart and cleaning the boiler ready for inspection. It was felt the boiler was a little oily inside so in addition to cleaning the tubes and firebox the inside was cleaned by filling the boiler with washing soda and boiling what oil the was off the heating surfaces with the boiler vented to atmopher through the whistle pipe (whistle removed).

 A photo looking into the boiler at the boiler crown.

[What you can see in the lower half of the image is the water side of the firebox and in the upper half the bottom of firetubes where the meet the bottom tube plate which runs along athe middle of the photograph.]

The oily discharge from the whistle pipe exit.

Cleaning the tubes.
With the smoke dome and flue removed a mechanical wire brush is run down each of the tubes, starting with the 25 stay tubes as seen here.

Fueled by digestives, powered by honda!
The mighty boiler inspector at work!

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