Monday, 7 September 2009

IWA National and Shackerstone.

Although the boat did not attend, spent a day at the national and was at Shackerstone for the weekend camping.

The National was blessed with dry weather and a good location, i bought a few bits and a coat and had a look at the pinder boat and the other craft on the water. The site seemed a little empty but prehaps this was just the larger ground?

Shackerstone was great after last years was rained off, i spend the weekend with the Parrots, Fullers and Phillips during the day who where the with Sickle, Ilford and Aquarious. There was a fantastic amount to do on the site on saturday with the stalls having little to offer and the large inflatable slide being for children only (apprently at 6ft2 and 22years of age i didnt qualify) although there was a good range of boats and promiss of the Red Arrows on Sunday drew in plenty of crowds, plenty of extra classic cars as well as a fair organ and of cause a cracking display by the team of red white and blue. My second, having seen them for the first time earlier in the year at Salcombe.

Photos to follow no doubt.... :S

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